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05 Jun 2019 |

ECOPADS 2019 – Workshop: Non-exhaust vehicular emissions, 5th July 2019, Riva del Garda (Italy)

In the framework of the upscaling European project: ECOPADS - Eliminating COpper from brake PADS and recycling, funded by the EIT KIC Raw Materials, the Project consortium is organizing an international workshop on one of the key issues that inspired the Project action: reducing and certifying particulate matter emission from vehicular brake systems.

This is an aspect that is gaining more and more pace for two main reasons. In the first place, the reduction in exhaust emissions has resulted in a relative increase of the emission budget from other sources associated with vehicular traffic: brakes, but also tires and road asphalt. In the second place, all these emissions will be there also when, in the end, the present vehicle fleet will be fully replaced by electrical vehicles.

Therefore, non-exhaust vehicular emissions are an issue as concerns the present policies and urban management regulations. In the long run they will continue to be an important reference also as concerns product certification, driving the research for low emitting vehicle parts.
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