Project Co-funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020


01 Mar 2019 |

The Lowbrasys Final Event: a moment of gathering and celebrations

This project “Lowbrasys”, co-financed by the European Horizon 2020 programme and coordinated by Brembo is completed. The “Lowbrasys project Final Event" officially marked the completion of 42 months of hard work carried out by the engineers, researchers and personnel of the Lowbrasys Consortium. The event saw the partecipation of many individuals from both the academia, wide public and the industry.

Initiated in September 2015, the Project has achieved all the goals that had been set out to reduce by half the emissions that can be produced while braking. In particular, among them can be counted:

  1. A ceramic coating for the surface of brake discs and pads that has the capability to reduce the amount of particles emitted by about 60 - 90 % depending of the selected layouts and also limiting the total mass of emitted particulate by between 10 - 30 %.
  2. A braking strategy provided by software on board the vehicle which allows for a 40 % reduction in the number of emitted particles and a 20% reduction in the overall particulate mass.

  3. A capture system which allows to reduce the number of emitted particles in a range between 15 - 50 % and reduce the emissions' mass by 10 – 30 %. This system will be fitted near the caliper and directs the flow of particles towards a filtering point. Initial results of the capture device look promising and development for robust operation are still carried out.

  4. An application that will soon be available for smartphones in order to monitor emissions and encourage a more conscious and eco-friendly driving style, safe braking control. The project has in fact shown a potential emission reduction up to 30% thanks to the drivers’ attitude. 

The Lowbrasys' complete set of low emission braking solutions opens application possibilities for new cars and development work has to be carried out by the industry to implement those on new and aftermarket vehicles, moreover, all the results achieved by the project form a basis for the development of new research paths.

According to Roberto Vavassori, Chief Business Development & Marketing Officer, Brembo SpA  “The Lowbrasys project proved to be an excellent example of fruitful cooperation between industry, academia and research institutions. Our challenging target, which has been fully achieved, is now paving the way for a new set of braking products to be manufactured in Europe, thus increasing the competitiveness of our respective countries in providing more ecofriendly, sustainable solutions for evolving mobility needs. I would like to thank the EU Commission for their support and timeliness and express my gratitude to all Lowbrasys members for their dedication and effectiveness.”

The Lowbrasys Project Final Event represented a moment of sharing and of  celebrations of the hard work carried out by all the Project partners. To see an excellent summary on what is the Lowbrasys Project and on the amazing job that has been done in the past years, please have a look at our Lowbrasys video: